(Beta) Active Steward Dashboard

Active Steward Dashboard

1. Dashboard shows major area and the last few items you visited or worked on helping to navigate around the system
Click on the item or the "view all"
Example – Products

2. List of all the products is displayed


To return to the Dashboard from anywhere in AS click on the Dashboard Chevron

4. Click "View all 55 constituents"

5. Click "Dashboard"

Dashboard Calender

6. View upcoming activities- personal or group view

7. Adding a calender entry
Select the start and end date
Add a description
Type name of the items
and submit

User Management

8. Click "List All Users"

9. 👆select user

10. 👆Edit Make your changes 👆SAVE

(Beta) Creating a Document Version

1. 👆 Click "Documents"


2. Edit the document you want to add a new version of.

3. Click "Versioning"

4. Click "Create New Version"

5. Select the "File".

You can use 'External Link' to specify that your file lies elsewhere, just like all Active Steward documents

6. Specify when the version was created.

If the date is older than the current document, the file will be automatically set as an older version

7. Click "Save"

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