Active Steward™

Active Steward™ by Penman Consulting facilitates the complex task of product stewardship and regulatory compliance with REACH and other chemicals legislation worldwide. Active Steward™ offers the following key benefits:

  • Rapid
    Enables you to maintain global compliance by monitoring regulatory change against your product portfolio. Demonstrate regulatory compliance in a rapid and reliable manner.
  • Simple to use
    A toolset to integrate your data management and product stewardship initiatives in a centralised, cloud-based application.
  • Insightful
    Quickly manage and assess risk. Use Active Steward's reporting and communication tools to facilitate quick, data-driven decision making for your technical and business groups.
  • Reliable
    Ensures business continuity and transfer of in-company knowledge by allowing everyone with access to see a snapshot, or the entire “history”, of a substance, from the point of view of stewardship and compliance.

About Penman Consulting

Penman Consulting is a specialist consultancy providing a range of regulatory, technical and scientific services to companies in the chemical, petrochemical and fine chemical industries. Penman Consulting manages large industry REACH Consortia and has developed innovative product stewardship and regulatory affairs solutions for effectively managing chemical related information.

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