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02 November 2018
How do you grow a Software Developer – JAX London 2018
Last month software developers Ross NewbyRichard Bessant, and Jody Salt attended the JAX conference in London. Ross gave us a review of the conference:
22 August 2018
Active Steward™ v5.0
The release of Active Steward™ Version 5.0 represents a major milestone in the platform’s development. 
13 June 2018
Where is Active Steward™ Going?

Active Steward™, our proprietary software for product stewardship, undergoes continuous updates improve to functionality and user experience.

06 June 2018
Active Steward™ v4.1
  • Active Steward™ 4.1 has been released:

07 March 2016
Product versioning
From Autumn 2016 the Product records in Active Steward™ will be more powerful, more flexible, more reflective of your changing supply chain.
07 March 2016
Campaigns are coming
In Summer 2016, campaigns will come to Active Steward™. Campaigns are a fully-featured content management system for secure communication, uploads and downloads with the actors in your supply chain.

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