22 January 2021
Active Steward v8.0

A new version of Active Steward has been released, some of the main changes are listed below.


  • There is a new IUCLID manager which allows users to track updates for IUCLID files and leave comments. There is a new IUCLID tab in the Constituent record and IUCLID updates can also be shared through Campaigns.
  • There is a new user permissions system and user access can be customised (different areas, view only, etc.)
  • The Navigation menu has been redesigned to make it more user friendly for smaller devices.

To view the other improvements and changes, you can access the full release notes from the news feed on the Active Steward home page. For more details on release 8.0 or to find out more about Active Steward™, please get in touch!

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