Penman Consulting has developed these features of Active Steward™ through consultations with Regulatory Affairs Managers, Product Stewards and Only Representatives.

The result is software with functionality that addresses the real needs of the industry.

  • Provide statements and evidence of regulatory compliance for use with customers and regulatory authorities.
  • Store and retrieve critical regulatory documents with ease.
  • Store and recover a summary of a position taken with a regulator, along with the evidence used to support that position and related correspondence (e.g. on classification).
  • Organise and store all manner of documents relating to substances, tagged and sorted as fits company policies and processes.
  • Store data on products yet see substance-level information. Recover documents with ease – search by CAS, tag or document text, select output format.
  • Track amounts of substance throughout entire supply and demand chain.
  • Create a tonnage and uses supply chain report for a selected period.
  • Automate requests for updates from clients and downstream users.
  • Manage workflows and business processes.
  • Integrate with regulatory tools such as IUCLID.
  • Quickly and easily identify global regulatory requirements using the integrated Inventory and Lists functionality.

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