17 March 2021
Active Steward v8.1

A new version of Active Steward has been released, some of the main changes are listed below.

  • Tonnage tracking for UK REACH.
  • New features and improvements for the IUCLID Manager (back/next buttons, displaying the company name in Campaigns and reminders to save before exiting).
  • Documents can now be duplicated with different attributes and placed in multiple folders.
  • Notifications when Constituents are on an updated inventory.
  • There is a new section under Classification and Labelling for Transportation.
  • The tab editor for Campaigns has been updated and there is a new menu redesign.

To view the other improvements and changes, you can access the full release notes from the news feed on the Active Steward home page. For more details on release 8.1 or to find out more about Active Steward™, please get in touch.

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