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What is a product and a constituent?

A simplified Active Steward record looks like this:

Product is made of constituents


The top level of data. Most functionality and information can be defined by how it relates to the Product record.

Products can contain one or more Constituent(s)

Products are used or passed on to others in the supply chain as-is. They are not added to any larger mixture, polymer or article.

When tonnage is recorded for a Product, Active Steward will calculate the tonnage for Constituents.

Products can be linked to many other areas of Active Steward, such as Contacts, Entities, Documents and Studies. This way all relevant Product information can be viewed easily in one place.


The building blocks of the database. Product Stewards will usually be most interested in this level of information.

Constituent records are associated with lots of Active Steward data. They are similar to product records, however they are the secondary level of any formulation. While Products are created from Constituents, Constituents are never created from Products. Tonnage and uses information can be stored at this level, along with other regulatory links.

Constituents may be a chemical, mixture, monomer, polymer, blend, article or unspecified

Constituents may contain, and may be part of, other constituents (i.e they may be, or may contain, sub-constituents)

Constituents are not used or passed on to others in the supply chain without forming part of a Product (but a Product can contain just one Constituent)

‘Sub-constituent’ is not a different type of record in the database. This is just how we refer to Constituents that are part of another Constituent in a blend, mixture or polymer. A chemical might be the child of one Product (a constituent) and the grandchild of another (a sub-constituent).

Just like Products, Constituents can be linked to many other areas, such as Contacts, Entities, Documents and Studies.

When a Constituent forms part of another Constituent/Product (or both), we keep track of the percentages with that blend. This allows Active Steward™ to calculate tonnage and uses figures for constituents that are part of other substances.

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