16 July 2020
Active Steward v7.3

Active Steward v7.3 has now been released!

Some of the main changes are listed below.

  • There are several new cost-sharing screens for Studies. They can be used to link Entities, Studies and Constituents together so that cost-sharing calculations can be performed.
  • Multi-factor authentication can be turned on for users.
  • A new Classification and Labeling report is available.
  • Entity records have been restructured and Entities can now have invoicing contacts.
  • Notes have been added to Studies, Entities and Product/Category Groups.
  • In Campaigns, there is a new “Studies” tab that will automatically show study information for a selected Entity.
  • Campaigns Survey Tasks have been updated and improved with new features.

For more details on release 7.3 or to find out more about Active Steward™, please get in touch!


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